An Osage Nation Innovation Project


PAWHUSKA, Okla. (January 10, 2018) - The Osage Nation is developing a technology innovation zone at its airpark, four miles north of downtown Tulsa, in partnership with regional academic and private entities.

At the property formerly known as the downtown airpark, Osage Nation intends for this project to be the nucleus for a multitude of subdevelopments, including: first-responder drone pilot training, tech startup space, UAS research and development, and various other tech-related endeavors.

The air park has a variety of assets available to tenants. As well as hangar space, classroom facilities, and office space, the air park has a 3,000 foot concrete runway. On the south end of the air park is a light industrial park with move-in ready buildings, including office space and hangar space. Adjacent to the north end of the air park are 400 acres of rural land owned by Osage Nation.

Osage Nation Ranch is a 43,000-acre working ranch located entirely in Class G airspace. Purchased from Ted Turner in 2016, it is located 25 miles northwest. With coordination between ranch management and Skyway36, the air space is used for UAS research and development. It features a rich variety of geography, energy sector assets, and flora and fauna.

This project aims to promote economic development, STEAM education opportunities, and job growth for Osage citizens and our neighbors.

About the Osage Nation of Oklahoma

The Osage Nation is a federally recognized Native American tribe headquartered in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

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Air Park

As a neighbor to the recently opened $150 million Downtown Tulsa Osage Casino & Hotel, the Air Park is ideally suited for autonomous and robotics research & development, as well as production. While most testing facilities are extremely rural, aside from the beautiful casino less than a quarter mile away, our Air Park boasts a vibrant downtown scene only four miles away; yet, it has almost 2,300 square miles of Class G airspace immediately to the northwest available for flight testing. Featuring large, clean, and dry hangar space; office space; brand new parking lots; and, a 3,000 foot concrete runway suitable for fixed-wing UAS and heavy light-duty vehicles, you can find all the conveniences of conventional UAS test sites right here in the Heart of America!

Oakley Light Industrial Park

Located immediately south of the Air Park, Osage Nation owns a 40-acre light industry park ideally suited for manufacturing. Buildings on the property are configured for easy deployment of state-of-the-art CNC machinery, laser and waterjet cutting machines, and 3D printers. 220-240V electrical circuits are present in most buildings, with 480V 3-Phase available to most buildings. Please register your interest by adding your email to our notification list.

Osage Nation Ranch

Osage Nation Ranch is a 43,000-acre property located in central Osage County, approximately 25 miles northwest of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It features a wide variety of water and landscapes, flora & fauna, and oil & gas-related hardware such as pipelines, wells, pumps, and storage units. While areas of the ranch are used for grazing and hunting, the vast majority of this area is sparcely populated and available for use as a research & development proving ground1.

1. Subject to availability. All use coordinated through Osage Nation Ranch Board.

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